Mar 302013

All developers have been in this situation, sitting around, staring at the monitor, trying to make sense of the code staring us back. It’s a tough, miserable period for developers going through this. Specifically, it’s a tough, miserable period for developers that doesn’t have to happen. No matter what the code that does this to you, there’s 1 common, glaring thing in common with the code that does this to developers – there are hardly any, if any at all, comments in the code. In the interest of sparing developers this pain, here are some simple rules about commenting that will reduce developer suffering whenever somebody has to read your code. Continue reading »

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Mar 102013

When Marissa Mayer ended Yahoo’s work from home policy, the Internet went nuts, and stayed nuts for days, which is a pretty long time for Internet nuttery. There’s been all sorts of random talk…um….personal annecdotes…er….”news articles” have sprung up discussing this very important issue of 1 specific company’s policies. It’s almost as if people think that Yahoo, great, shining beacon of largely irrelevant and nobody cares anymore, is a precursor to the whole tech industry (something it hasn’t been in a long while). Some people have at least either tried to either limit their discussion to Yahoo’s particular situation, or moved everything to a broader discussion of telecommuting in general. I’m going to focus on why I personally don’t like to telecommute if I don’t have to. Continue reading »

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