Aug 302013

As I mentioned earlier, I noticed a few things during my wedding planning process that I thought were worth sharing now that all is said and done on that front. While I mentioned having a Google Drive spreadsheet in my last post, I wanted to discuss it some more because we managed to get some neat uses out of it that are worth documenting and reusing. Continue reading »

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Aug 252013

Whodunnit has been my guilty pleasure show all summer. It had a cool premise, 12 “guests” went to a mansion to play a murder mystery game, only to find a guest “murdered,” and be told that 1 of them is the “killer” (obviously a TV show isn’t going to actually kill people, but if you suspend the disbelief, it was a fascinating concept). It was reminiscent of another “reality” show that was also a guilty pleasure of mine, Murder in Small Town X (same basic idea, except the suspects were all a separate group of actors and not the contestants).  The finale just aired not long ago, and when it was all said and done…my wife and I spent a solid hour and a half, ranting, raving, and coming up with a better version of that type of show.

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