Dec 312013

Work anywhere long enough, and you’re going to become the <something> person. From that point on, all questions, advice, etc. on that topic by default go to you. In my experience, this isn’t usually the result of some deliberate action to make a person the <something> “expert”, it’s the result of the work they get assigned and end up doing. The bigger questions are, what are your areas of expertise, what would you like your areas of expertise to be, and what are you doing to make the 2 previous answers line up?

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Dec 022013

Apparently, there’s some managerial best practice out there that says managers and the employees that work under them should meet once a month 1-on-1. I think the goal is to have some sort of fairly informal time set aside for anything the employee might want to talk about – concerns about management, workplace issues, problems with co-workers, etc. My biggest problem of these things is that I never know just what there is to talk about. Continue reading »

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