Apr 022015

Facebook released version 2.3 of their Graph API 1 week ago, on March 25. Earlier this week, after encountering errors claiming I was using a deprecated version of the API (a bug in Facebook that I’m pretty sure is long since fixed), I tried switching to the latest API version to see if that solved the problem. It did, but exposed a couple of things missing from their changelog, because what’s Facebook development without incomplete documentation?

First, the endpoint to swap a short-lived access token for a long-lived token now returns a proper JSON object, with the token and a couple of other fields, not just a string with the new access token. Given that just about everybody who writes an SDK for Facebook would use that, that seemed like a pretty drastic change not to be worth noting in the release notes, but whatever.

Token extension fixed, I went on to test the rest of the code using the Facebook API, that’s where I stumbled across another undocumented “feature”. Creating a custom audience now requires you to specify a “subtype”. You can find the list here (just scroll down a bit).

Those are the only things I ran into, but I use a pretty limited subset of the Facebook Graph API. Ideally, this serves as a reminder that whenever you update a dependency, you need to test your application completely. Good luck, and happy coding.

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