Jul 142015

I don’t really have a lot for this post – between the limited uses I have for the Facebook and the somewhat surprisingly non-breaking release, there’s not a lot for me to note with this update. The only issues of note I saw had to do with graph API calls for custom audiences. 

The only real change I saw that wasn’t documented in the Facebook graph API and marketing API release notes was from the call https://graph.facebook.com/v2.4/{accountId}/adaccounts?access_token={accessToken}. However, there were 2 changes to this endpoint’s response that caused errors in my existing code. First, the ad account ID is now listed under the “id” key, instead of the “account_id” in the returned ad account data. Secondly, the ID itself now includes the “act_” prefix. If your code was looking up ad accounts and then adding that “act_” prefix yourself, you’re going to have Facebook marketing API calls fail due to passing act_act_{adAccountId}.

The fact that these changes weren’t listed in the release notes is irritating, but this is why people test updates to dependencies before running in production. If you’re researching the Facebook API 2.4 upgrade, then I hope this helps warn you of things you’ll want to check in your own software. Happy coding, although if you’re working with the Facebook API heavily, that’s probably not going to be the case.

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