Apr 012021

Cryptocurrencies changed the game in terms of currencies, bringing money forward into the Internet age. Since its introduction in 2008, Bitcoin has redefined how people buy and sell online. Since Bitcoin’s initial introduction, we’ve seen more cryptocurrencies enter the market, from Ethereum to Dogecoin. And now, I’m pleased to announce a thrilling new cryptocurrency designed for artists and young professionals just starting out…Exposure.

Exposure is designed to solve a real-world problem – people have wanted to pay artists and other professionals in Exposure for years, but the lacked the means to do so. More importantly, these people being offered Exposure haven’t had the means to quantify how valuable the Exposure they would be getting is. Now, that problem is solved for everyone. With the launch of this new cryptocurrency, artists and other professionals can now easily see just how valuable Exposure is, and can easily set up a wallet to receive the Exposure people have been so desperate to give them.

Why Exposure?

As we all know, Exposure is the most valuable form of currency for any small business or freelancing professinoal. If you aren’t already pulling in millions of dollars per year in revenue, then what you need more than money itself is Exposure. Sure money sounds good in the short-term, but if you’re getting paid now, how are you going to grow your business so you can get paid later? People have to have heard of you before they’ll buy from you, and to do that you need Exposure – otherwise you’ll be wasting that money you got paid on marketing. With Exposure, you don’t have to go find new customers, people will be coming to you. That saves you valuable resources that you can then put into investing in more Exposure.

Regular money loses value over time, thanks to inflation. Exposure, on the other hand, gains value over time, thanks to it’s patented, unique, self-replicating nature. This enables any Exposure you earn to multiply exponentially. The power of Exposure is that the more Exposure you get, the more work you get that also pays in Exposure, which leads to more Exposure and more work that pays Exposure. Soon, you’ll be have enough Exposure that you too can afford to start paying in Exposure for your professional needs (which is a good thing, because it won’t be long before everyone is clamoring to be paid in Exposure). This creates a virtuous cycle that enriches the entire Exposure community, as opposed to real money which we all keep getting told only goes to the already super-rich. If you want to stick it to the billionaires and embrace a truly egalitarian economy, then you want Exposure.

Cryptocurrencies may be over 10 years old, but I know there’s a lot of concern about moving away from traditional money into the arena of purely digital money, especially since this currency isn’t distributed by any recognized government. That’s why Exposure is certified buzzword compliant. Exposure offers a unique, peer-to-peer, decentralized, AI-powered social blockchain to secure your investment in Exposure. Exposure is committed to staying on top of trends to ensure you always get the most out of your Exposure.

Exposure offers everything that artists and young, independent professionals could want in a digital currency. For people looking to hire this type of talent, Exposure offers you the ability to compensate these professionals in the way you’ve always wanted. For years, these 2 groups have struggled with bridging that gap, but now, there’s finally a way to bring them together and offer the most valuable type of payment for services rendered possible, Exposure.

If you want to learn more about Exposure, click here.

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